Our radically different approach to life insurance:

We put you and your best interest first.

Coverage you actually need, nothing more
  • Calculate the right amount for your family
  • Compare quotes from 20+ highly rated carriers
  • Apply online - we make it quick & easy!
  • Zero fees. Personalized advice. Access to a human expert for all your questions
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Message from Founder & CEO

I knew the insurance industry inside & out from my 10+ years on Wall Street. But figuring out coverage and getting the right policy for myself was still so painful - it felt impossible to get expert, ethical advice.

So I built the independent insurance brokerage I’d wanted for myself: relentlessly honest, transparent and facts-based, we take the uncommon approach of always putting our clients first.

See us in action here, where we share selected client stories (anonymously and with permission, of course!)

Warm Regards,
Wallis Tsai

AboveBoard Insurance Services is a licensed insurance broker 100% committed to making your experience getting life insurance delightful.