About Us

AboveBoard was started by Wallis Tsai, a former financier and new mom. Her career has included 10 years at Goldman Sachs – first as an investment banker and then as a hedge fund investor, focused on the inner working of financial institutions.

She was surprised by the number of times in her life she had needed to rely on her own professional expertise in order to understand her options, strike the best deal and not get “taken for a ride”.

She found herself advising an increasing number of people on how to make the financial system work for them.

Excited to help more people, she left Goldman Sachs and learned to code at Flatiron School, then advised a number of venture-backed fintech companies. She started AboveBoard to help other people navigate the world of finance with confidence.

Meet the Team

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Wallis Wilkinson Tsai
Founder & CEO
Wallis spent over 10 years at Goldman Sachs as a hedge fund investor and investment banker focused exclusively on financial institutions, before leaving to learn to code at the Flatiron School. Wallis cares about making great financial choices to care for and protect her kids, and enjoy future family vacations (just as soon as neither child re-enacts a scene from The Exorcist during car rides!).
About nancy huynh 93a26fd5fe07552b9c4e903f47344d8a68f299c747fc51d02acb44b77e0a2dd4
Nancy Huynh
Technical Co-Founder
Nancy has worked in tech for over 12 years, building cool stuff spanning aircraft design, games involving dancing pets and farm animals, and bringing chefs to families' homes. After spending countless nights managing finances for her own family (yay spreadsheets!), she was thrilled to join Wallis in making personal finance easy (and fun) for all.

Our Values


It's never OK to misrepresent things at AboveBoard.

The financial services industry is plagued by misaligned incentives and ulterior motives, and all too often consumers end up with products that either don’t make sense for them, or don’t make sense for anyone.

We present clear, honest information and help you avoid pitfalls.


We do not share your information with anyone.


Shopping for financial services products and setting up your financial life exactly as you want it can and should be a joy! It should leave you feeling like you have taken care of yourself and your loved ones, and are ready to get back to enjoying life!

At AboveBoard, we want you to go out and live all of life’s amazing events fully, knowing that everything has been taken care of.