About Us

AboveBoard was started by Wallis Tsai after spending over 10 years at Goldman Sachs focused on the inner workings of financial institutions, first as an investment banker and then as a hedge fund investor.

Wallis was appalled by the number of times she had to rely on her professional expertise to not get ripped off by the industries she knew so well. She was struck by how many intelligent, accomplished people struggled to navigate their own financial lives well. In her view, this was a direct result of misaligned incentives and opacity rife in the financial services industry.

So she set out to help people do things differently and better, and thus began AboveBoard.

Founded as a financial education website, AboveBoard has grown to have two subsidiaries - a fiduciary investment advisor and an independent insurance brokerage agency - and continues our proud tradition of publishing no-BS, analytically rigorous financial content.

Meet the Team

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Wallis Wilkinson Tsai
Founder & CEO
Wallis spent over 10 years at Goldman Sachs as a multi-strategy hedge fund investor and investment banker focused exclusively on financial institutions. She is passionate about using her expertise and thorough facts-based analysis to illuminate important personal financial choices. Wallis lives in New York City with her husband and their two young children.
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Nancy Huynh
Technical Co-Founder
Nancy has worked in tech for over 15 years, building cool stuff spanning aircraft design, games involving dancing pets and farm animals, and bringing chefs to families' homes. After spending countless nights managing finances for her own family, she was thrilled to join Wallis in making personal finance easy (and delightful) for all.

Our Values


We are fully transparent and always put clients first, in both of our investment advisory and insurance businesses. We are clear about how we operate and believe that informed clients are our best clients - they understand what we’re doing differently & better!

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Analytical Rigor

We own the details and don't wing it. You rely on us to be experts in our domain and we take that responsibility seriously.


We treat your personal information with the same care we'd want for our own. We only share your information as expressly authorized by you, to perform the work you have chosen us to do for you.


Many offerings of the financial services industry can do great things for people, providing security, confidence, and opportunity...but only when used correctly. Our goal is always to deliver sound advice that sets you up to enjoy life, confident you’ve made good financial choices.