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At AboveBoard, we take pride in doing things differently and better.
We're laser-focused on giving smart & ethical advice and always put clients ahead of profits.

At AboveBoard, we take pride in doing things differently and better. We're laser-focused on giving smart & ethical advice and always put clients ahead of profits.

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    Strongly recommend!
    Strongly recommend working with AboveBoard Financial. I have some health issues that added complexity to my search for affordable life insurance and they navigated me through the whole process. I appreciate their responsiveness and genuine concern for a good fit between customer and insurance provider.
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    Best possible experience
    I knew I needed life insurance but I was too daunted by the process to get it done. AboveBoard’s team walked me through the entire process, answered all my questions and made me feel like I was in good hands. I recommend them to everyone I know that is looking for life insurance, and also to people who aren’t looking yet. I sleep easier knowing that my family would be in good financial shape if something terrible happened to me.
    Lauren K
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    Excellent service and information!
    We received such great support and information from AboveBoard Financial. I've rarely received such a great breakdown of our options for any service, and I really felt taken care of. Thanks for taking care of us!
    N Jenks
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    Top notch services, highly recommend
    Caring and responsive team that always prioritized my interests. They had a clear grasp of the market, helping identify plans that worked best for me and then guiding me through the whole process. I highly recommend their services!
    Happy client
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    AboveBoard representatives took the…
    AboveBoard representatives took the time to understand our insurance and financial needs, found policies that fit those needs, and walked us through the process of signing up (answering our many questions along the way). They made what has long seemed like a confusing and opaque experience seem clear and easy to understand instead.
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    AboveBoard provides excellent service…
    AboveBoard provides excellent service and thoughtful advice that comes from a mountain of experience.
    Joe L
  • via Trustpilot
    We had a great experience with Above…
    We had a great experience with Above Board Financial from start to finish. We needed life insurance and had no idea how to go about it. The process was seamless and now we are all set with no fears about the future of our loved one if anything were to happen to us. We cannot recommend them enough!
    Cheryl B
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    Would highly recommend
    Would highly recommend! AboveBoard was knowledgeable, responsive, and thorough in helping me through the process of choosing and then obtaining life insurance.
    Emily K
  • via Trustpilot
    AboveBoard is fantastic
    AboveBoard is fantastic! They helped me navigate the process of getting life insurance while pregnant--I was always updated on where things were in the process, and they helped to make a lengthy process as pain-free as it could be!
    Alissa G.

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