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  • [They] were on top of EVERYTHING...walked me through all my options and analyzing the pros and cons of each... I will absolutely refer them to all my friends


  • The follow up was wonderful! Thanks for keeping the eye on the prize for us while we juggle life through a pandemic, plus a little one, plus crazy jobs!


  • Feeling good about the amounts and type of insurance we selected. Never felt "sold" on anything - very authentic and straight-forward.


  • You guys made the process so easy. I felt supported throughout and was confident that I was getting what was best for me and my family at a good price ...


  • Timely feedback on questions. Thoughtful analysis. Not just "check the box" answers to questions. Very deep knowledge of subject matter.


  • Explained things in a human way (not insurance speak), [I had] numerous follow up questions and [she] was very responsive...gave me confidence that I was working with the “right” one.


  • You helped us through a difficult and confusing process, and made it clear throughout that you had our best interests at heart. Thank you!


  • I could not say enough about the support we received from your team... Making sure my family is protected in case the worst happens will no longer be a concern... Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.


  • Your willingness to ensure that average Joes ... understand the what and why of different financial choices, and the non-judgmental way in which you go about are all reasons I love AboveBoard.



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