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AboveBoard Makes
Life Insurance Easy
AboveBoard Makes Life Insurance Easy
Unbiased Advice

Our expert no-commission agents always put our client's needs first, so you can avoid insurance rip offs and never get oversold.

Holistic Approach

Unlike the competition, our recommendations take into account your whole financial picture to secure your dreams for your loved ones.

Fast Process

We do the heavy lifting for you. One application, zero phone calls (unless you want them), and the whole thing takes just a few minutes. Yes, insurance can be that simple.

Tailored to You

We work with the nation's top carriers and are dedicated to finding the best policy for you at the best price.

Life Insurance Resources

We've done the hard work so you don’t have to.
Our free tools make it easy to understand life insurance and decide what plan is right for you.

Life Insurance Calculator

Decide the right coverage amount based on your goals for your loved ones.

Compare Quotes

Instantly compare life insurance quotes from top rated carriers based on your profile.

Financial Action Plan

Put life insurance in the context of your total financial picture.

Beyond Life Insurance
We consider your goals and whole financial picture.

Whether you're looking for disability insurance, long-term care insurance, or advice about your family's finances and investment and retirement strategies, we can build a plan for you. Learn more.

Check life insurance off
your to-do list
Check life insurance off your to-do list.

Compare quotes from top rated carriers. Apply in minutes. Our experts are here to help.