We put you and your best interest first

Our life insurance experts do the heavy lifting, finding you the best policy at the best price.

I knew the industry inside & out, but getting life insurance for myself was still so painful - it felt impossible to get expert, ethical advice.

So I built the independent firm I’d wanted for myself: relentlessly honest, transparent and facts-based.

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Wallis Tsai
Founder & CEO, AboveBoard
Why AboveBoard?
Unbiased Advice

Our expert no-commission agents always put client's needs first. Avoid insurance rip offs and never get oversold.

Holistic Approach

Unlike the competition, our recommendations take into account your whole financial picture and your dreams for your loved ones.

Fast Process

We do the heavy lifting so you don't have to. 1 application, 0 phone calls (unless you want them), takes just a few minutes. Yes, insurance can be that simple.

Tailored to You

We work with the nation's top carriers and are dedicated to finding the best policy for you at the best price.

How AboveBoard Works
Compare quotes

Get an instant, personalized recommendation for the right coverage amount and term. See your options, get instant quotes and decide what is best for you.

Apply in minutes

After you choose your policy, complete our online application. It’s simple, straightforward, and takes about 7 minutes.

Get covered

Once your application is submitted, our insurance concierges do the legwork for you. We will shepherd you through and advocate for you with the insurance carriers.

Meet Some of Our Happy Customers

Their creative approach is radically different and helpful for busy people - you submit one application and they give you instant quotes from multiple insurers, and then arrange everything for you from there.

They kept track of the process and sent me short advising and recommendations on my choices. I had to manage nothing. It was so quick.

On top of all that, the prices were substantially lower than anywhere else I could find... They made such an easy, positive, and trustworthy experience that I was compelled to share in case it helps someone.

- Jackie B.
We saved one mom 50% on life insurance by advocating for her
See how we saved one dad 40% despite his youthful indiscretions
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