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Replay: College Savings & 529 Plans (All States) Live Q&A
Webinar Date: February 19, 2020

Honest, plain-spoken advice and Q&A with our CEO & Founder, Wallis Tsai. We cover 529 rules and tax breaks, how much to save for college, common mistakes people make, and how to not get ripped off.

Want to understand how saving for college fits within your bigger financial picture? Check out our Financial Checklist for Parents below!

Tip: Start at 7:30 minutes in, when the conversation actually begins!
Financial Checklist for Parents
1) A College Savings Strategy

Do you know if & how much you should be saving for higher education (college, grad school, trade school, etc.) goals at this time? If so, do you know the best way to save, given your goals and circumstances?

Check out: AboveBoard College Savings Calculator & 529 Plan Recommendation Tool

See how much you should be saving for your education goals, and learn about the opportunities available to residents of your state. (If you don't see your state included yet, you can vote for the next state here.)

We publish our ratings of different 529 plans as a public service - we don't accept any payment from investment firms or advisors hawking high fee plans (unlike some other sites covering college savings).

2) Life Insurance

Not having any life insurance, or only having a small workplace policy that would only replace 1-2 years of your income, is one of the most tragic mistakes a parent can make. AboveBoard's unique, highly ethical approach to life insurance ensures you get only what you need and nothing you don't.

Check out: AboveBoard Online Life Insurance Advisor

Our life insurance advisor uses advanced algorithms to offer personalized, thoughtful and ethical advice on life insurance coverage, including instant quotes. You'll have the option to book a call with a live human insurance expert, who can help you tailor the recommendations to exactly fit your own budget & lifestyle goals and answer any questions you have.

3) Disability Insurance

Your workplace coverage might be enough, but it could also be nonexistent or have huge gaps that would leave you and your loved ones in a financially distressed place if you were diagnosed with a serious health issue, or in a major accident. AboveBoard's complimentary, no-obligation workplace coverage review will give you an informed, honest view on what you actually have at work.

Simply email your workplace plan to

Already know what you have at work and are ready to get started looking at quotes? Answer a few questions so we can set about pulling quotes for you to compare from different carriers.

4) Context on Your Bigger Financial Picture

Do you have a keen understanding of how financial matters of parenthood, like saving for education goals, "fit" into your broader financial picture?

Check out: AboveBoard Financial Action Plan

A free, easy tool to help prioritize your different financial opportunities and obligations, including where college savings should fit into your plan. Save in your 401k or pay down debt? Save for college or retirement? The AboveBoard Financial Action Plan can help you get started.

Visit our blog to learn more about our consumer protection-focused approach to important financial decisions.