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A Quick & Clear Overview of AboveBoard Financial
Founder & CEO
Wallis is a mom who spent 10+ years at Goldman Sachs as a banker and investor. She founded AboveBoard as a "safe harbor" where people are treated with integrity and can make big decisions with ease and clarity. AboveBoard's interactive Parents' Financial Guide helps you make the right decisions for your family.

One of the biggest problems in the financial services industry is a lack of transparency - it is often difficult to understand how companies (and people) work and how they are paid.

Here at AboveBoard, we choose to do things differently. So here's a quick overview of what our deal is:

AboveBoard Financial Inc. publishes financial education content & tools that everyone is welcome to use. These are based on what we consider general best practices.

If you want to receive personalized advice that reflects our best thinking on the specifics of your situation, we offer two options - you're welcome to choose either or both! Those offerings are through the following two companies, which AboveBoard Financial Inc. owns:

1) AboveBoard Wealth Management - a fiduciary investment advisor. Fiduciary means we have a legal obligation to put your best interests first, ahead of our own. We offer investment advice and financial planning.

How AboveBoard Wealth Management makes money:  fee-only (no commissions). The fee is either a dollar amount or a percentage of assets. Clients understand and agree to the fee in advance of working with us.

2) AboveBoard Insurance Services - a licensed independent insurance brokerage agency. We offer life & disability insurance. We voluntarily apply a fiduciary-like standard to our insurance business, putting clients' best interests ahead of our own.

How AboveBoard Insurance Services makes money: receives commissions from the insurance carriers; nothing paid by you, the client. Commissions are just the way the industry works today - if this concerns you, we highly recommend checking out the amazing Client Stories for insurance clients on our blog; here's one of our favorites to get you started. We're proud of how we resist the misaligned incentives and serve as our clients' advocates!