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AboveBoard's Favorite No-Minimum 529 Plans

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Wallis is a mom who spent 10+ years at Goldman Sachs as a banker and investor. She founded AboveBoard as a "safe harbor" where people are treated with integrity and can make big decisions with ease and clarity. AboveBoard's interactive Parents' Financial Guide helps you make the right decisions for your family.

Many 529 plans have reasonable minimums, but some distinguish themselves by having no minimums at all.

Currently, $25 to open an account and $25 for each additional contribution is typical. But not all plans do this, so be sure to check out our interactive AboveBoard College Savings Guide to learn about 529 plans that might be a good fit for your goals and situation.

529 plans that earn our highest rating & have no minimums:

NY Direct-Sold 529 Plan

UT Direct-Sold 529 Plan

Be sure to check out our interactive AboveBoard College Savings Guide to learn about your options - we'll walk you through specific benefits available for your state, and share our thoughts on how they stack up vs. other options!

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